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"The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work." 
~ Mark Twain

A comprehensive, well researched business map provides a strong foundation for the success of a  business practice.  Unfortunately, many business are mapped haphazardly, or a plan is written as a quick-fix to attract necessary financial support.    Numerous other businesses fail to chart their course with a well thought out, researched and written  business map, citing lack of knowledge as the reason for not doing it.  Too many small business hope that by running their business “by the seat of their pants”, or “as they go”, they can overcome the lack of a well founded map.  


85% of the people that do not take the time to map their businesses or career will not reach their desired level of success or will fail altogether. Of those that do take the time to map out their plan or goals, 85% will succeed.


40% of people with a strategically planned map will double their income and profits within two years of writing their map.

With a strategic map, greater than 70% of these people will exceed their own expectations within the next 5 years regardless of economic conditions.

The best designed business map will come to nothing if it is not carried out with enthusiasm and passion.

Many people will write a business plan, some using a pre-formed template, and others from scratch. Drawers are filled with these plans and others sit a shelf gathering dust. Some people might revisit their plan and their P&L or mission statement and still not be reaching their goals.

The successful businesses will reevaluate and map their plan as they continue towards their goals. A business map takes a written plan into action, with assessment and accountability.

"For most people, their planning consists of
setting the alarm clock to get out of bed to go to work;
 Others plan by daily To-Do lists and crisis management; 
Those with an unwavering commitment to a desire of greater success
will take the steps to map their business."

 ~ Sumner M. Davenport~

Whether your intention is to run your business solely from your own money, or you are attempting to raise capital, you should be sure to address certain crucial areas that show that assist you and others in seeing your business/goal is a good investment. Your map needs to meet the specific circumstances of your business, emphasizing its strengths and understanding the potential problems and challenges that might be faced. Thinking outside the box is essential trait of a successful business, since creativity is a part of what separates you from the competition, brands you in your niche and assists you in discovering the most profitable steps in your map.

"The successful person makes a habit of doing
what the failing person doesn't like to do.
~Thomas Edison~

Even if you are writing your map only to help you identify your business idea, many points are essential. Many entrepreneurs mistakenly overlook the financial projections, silently hoping it will all work out. The more focus you put into the foundation of your business map, in all the planning areas as well, the easier it will be to see your route.

For some this process of putting their idea into writing is easy, and others need assistance. Whether you need short term coaching or assistance with your strategic map, there are coaches, business consultants and workshops available. Some offer discounts and free initial consultations. Let us assist you.   

to assist you with your business mapping.




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